Parents’ Guide - Easy ClassLink Access

Of course, your family may need some help logging into ClassLink from home for the first time, so we’ve pulled together a quick guide you can follow to get started.

How to find your child’s login details

If you don’t know your child’s username or password, contact your teacher, media specialist, or technology department. Those contact details will be on your school or district website.

If you still need support, contact our helpdesk at 888-963-7550 x1, and we’ll confirm your ClassLink login page URL and help you find your username.

How to log in on a computer or laptop

Find your district’s custom login page, the link is likely on the homepage of your district’s website, or your school’s specific homepage. If your child has a school-issued laptop, the login page may be the default homepage when you open a browser.

The link should look like this:[organization]

(The “organization” portion of the URL will be unique to your district)         

You can also go to and search for your school’s login page by entering your school or district name in the search bar. You can also click “Use My Location” and login pages for schools in your area will be displayed.

Can’t find your child’s school login page? Search for it at

How to log in on a mobile device

If your child is using a smartphone, tablet, iPad, or other mobile device, you’ll need to install the ClassLink LaunchPad mobile app from the App Store. (Choose the app named “ClassLink LaunchPad”). Android users can use the ClassLink LaunchPad App on the Google Play Store.  

Once you install the app, you can choose your school or district from the dropdown list and proceed to the login screen.

Tools for faster logins

Quick Cards

Does your child have a ClassLink Quick Card? Click the Quick Card icon on your district’s ClassLink login page and wave the card in front of the camera on your device. Your child will instantly be logged into ClassLink LaunchPad.  

If your child doesn’t have a school-issued Quick Card, you can print one at home. If you don’t have a printer, you can also take a photo of the Quick Card using another device and use that image to log in.

This quick tutorial and video explain how to print and use Quick Cards.

If your device does not have a webcam, follow this tutorial to use ClassLink’s Remote Login feature.


With ClassLink Faces, students can take a selfie and then use facial recognition to log in to ClassLink LaunchPad.

This short tutorial and video explain how to set up and use ClassLink Faces for quick logins.

** Quick Cards and Faces must be enabled by the administrator of your school - not all students will have access to this feature.