Myboard Smart Board (My-8400)
Myboard Smart Board (My-8400)
Myboard Smart Board (My-8400)
Myboard Smart Board (My-8400)
Myboard Smart Board (My-8400)
Myboard Smart Board (My-8400)
Myboard Smart Board (My-8400)

Myboard Smart Board (My-8400)

Myboard 84 "interactive smart board; Thanks to its high precision multi-touch feature, you can write freely with your finger or stylus on the project up to 2,3,4, ... 10 people at the same time, delete, interfere with the content easily.


Specially produced screen and frame

The glass surface layer produced with special processes that prevent reflection even in sunlight, LED display technology and the durability of the frame also give you a different confidence.

Interactive Access

Easily connect to your network, whether wired or wireless. Interact with Bluetooth. Send and receive emails, exchange files, watch all kinds of Windows supported videos over the internet, listen to music, open the doors of the internet to the fullest. Work simultaneously with easy connection with computer, smartphone or tablet via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.

USB & HDMI Input

You can quickly present your documents, transfer your documents, intervene and save as you do on your computer. Connect with your video players and satellite receivers with HDMI input to watch your videos in HD quality.

Touch Screen Quality

With 4 tracking camera systems, infrared technology and 125 Hz response time, your touch gestures instantly find their equivalence on the screen. Admire your screen's ability to catch up with your gestures in real time, even with multi-touch gestures.

Computer Feature

Consider a massive screen computer with 3rd generation IntelĀ®Core (i5 - standard) processor alternatives. Whatever you do on your computer with Windows 8 operating system, you can run your programs comfortably, whether it's Office documents or graphic editing programs. Moreover, thanks to memory support of up to 8 GB, you do not have to think about its speed. Even if you add a wireless keyboard and mouse, you will feel that you are starting to use an extraordinary computer. If you are bored with the computer, continue with android.

Shortcut Keys

Perform many functions easily and quickly with a single movement with the side shortcut keys that you can use without being included in the screen. Add special commands to keys, use them synchronously with programs. For example, you can quickly print your presentation out of the printer by pressing the printer key.

Point of view

No matter where you are with 1780 horizontal - 1780 vertical viewing angles, do not be deprived of the clarity of HD image quality.

Screen Quality

Watch movies, play games, work on programs, present your educational documents, financial data or corporate ideas effectively on the 84 "diagonal LED screen.

Image quality

Imagine the effect of the movie you will watch, the game you play or the design you will offer in 1.07 billion colors. Enjoy the real visual depth with 1920x1080 Full HD screen quality. Watch movies in HD quality and enjoy. Make a presentation and influence your target audience. Increase the efficiency of education and training by concentrating the focus on you.

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